Clearing the Landscape of the Soul

a 7-Day Retreat in the Foothills of the French Pyrenees

May 25 – June 1, 2019

We are excited to once again invite you to join us for a very special retreat in the heart of French Occitania. The core of our time together will be based on the Freedom Through Releasing process of Dr Isa and Yolanda Lindwall (, and also on various presencing and mutuality “We-Space” practices which allow us to take our inner work even further into the space of our mutual connection and our connection with all of life in trust, openness and love.

As we come together with a genuine desire for the highest not only for ourselves but also for each other, we find that our issues gently dissolve in this space of mutual love and trust. And as our hearts open more and more, we are in deeper contact with ourselves and those around us. Old wounds may be healed and blockages dissolved for ourselves and the whole. A sense of connectedness and oneness arises which very naturally continues after the workshop.

We will also be opening to and deeply embodying the spirit of the land where we find ourselves: looking south, gently rolling hills give way to a spectacular backdrop of the high Pyrenees. This is the land where Mary Magdalene and her followers are said to have lived, leaving sites dedicated to her memory even today and a tangible presence rooted deep in the earth. It is also the Pays Cathare, that part of Europe where a fertile culture of peace and understanding flourished in the 12th century between the Cathar people, said to be descendants of the original followers of Jesus, and the local Catholic and Jewish communities. It was a golden age of culture, tolerance and understanding in the 12th and 13th centuries which ended with the so-called Albigensian Crusade, the total genocide of the Cathars. The eternal flame of spirit and sacred way of love which they embraced could not be extinguished and lives on in the land to this day.

Though the largest part of our time together will be dedicated to inner work, we will be visiting some local sacred sites and places of exceptional natural beauty where we will continue our inner exploration together in the outside world. These may include mysterious Rennes-le-Château, where the Mary Magdalene church was magnificently renovated in the late 19th century by the enigmatic priest Berenger Saunière; and the ruins of the Cathar castle at Montségur, one of the last refuges of the Cathars, which fell after a long siege in 1244.

The Santosha Centre ( offers a small intimate setting for our residential retreat. Recently and lovingly renovated by the owners, who will be our hosts, it provides simple, ecological and tasteful accommodation which will bring us together in a way we are all sure to enjoy. All meals at the Santosha Centre are vegetarian and prepared with local organic ingredients. Sleeping accommodation is in shared rooms.

Optional morning yoga and/or movement classes will be provided by our hostess Gillian and others.

The retreat will be in English and German with translation where needed.


Saturday, May 25th will be a travel day, with dinner and a short program in the evening. We encourage you to arrive early (or even the day before) and enjoy Santosha and its surroundings and rest after your travels. There will be dinner at 19:00 in the evening.

The workshop will finish with lunch on Saturday, June 1st, leaving time to get to Toulouse airport for those leaving on late afternoon or evening flights or by train from Carcassonne. It will also be possible to stay on for extra days at Santosha to continue exploring the local area on your own.


Program Cost: To make this retreat accessible to as many people as possible, rather than charging a tuition fee for the week, Stephen Marcus and Barbara Kroll, assisted by Antje Krahforst ( and Gerda Moedinger, are offering their teaching on a donation basis – you are free to give as much as you choose at the close of the retreat (and of course are invited to give generously!)

Cost of Accommodation: The cost of accommodation, workshop room, local transportation, entrance fees and all meals (from dinner on Saturday May 25th through lunch on the following Saturday, June 1st) will be €725 per person.

Space is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. A deposit of €250 towards your accommodation at Santosha will secure your place and is refundable until 4 weeks before the start of the retreat. The balance is payable by bank transfer in advance or in cash on arrival at Santosha.

Participation in the Retreat and all outings are at your own risk.

L-R: Stephen Marcus, Antje Krahforst, Gerda Moedinger and Barbara Kroll

Registration and Information:

Use this form to register or for more information. This will be a small intimate retreat, so sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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    Suggested reading:

    “Releasing – Frei sein durch Loslassen: Ein Workshop mit Isa und Yolanda” von Markus Langholf (2008)
    “Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening” by Patricia Albere (2017)
    “The Expected One” / “Das Magdalena-Evangelium” (2006) is the first novel in a series by Kathleen McGowan. Moving between events in present time and 2,000 years ago it tells the story of Jesus and his teachings through the eyes of his beloved, Mary Magdalene. The book was both written in, and to a large extent takes part in, the area around Rennes-le-Château where we will be located. The German edition is currently out of print but may be bought inexpensively second-hand on Amazon.
     “Montségur: a novel” by Catherine de Courcy


    Getting there:

    You can find location and directions on the Santosha website:

    In addition to free pickup by Santosha from Limoux Central Train Station, if there is sufficient demand we can arrange a pickup at Toulouse Airport late on Saturday afternoon for arrival and a drop-off a week later (choose your flights appropriately and let us know the exact times) for an extra cost of €50 per person each way with two or more sharing transportation.

    For those renting a car at the airport, in addition to the airports of Toulouse (2 hours), Carcassone (45 minutes) and Barcelona (4 hours) mentioned on Santosha’s site, other possibilities include:

    Girona airport (Spain) is about 3 hours south.

    Bezier airport is about 2 hours drive.

    Montpellier airport is about 2½ hours away.

    If you are thinking of driving or renting a car and would like to share the costs with others, please let us know, including your intended date and time of arrival.